My college was on lock down for three hours today because some 45 y.o. grad student threatened to “Columbine the school”.

Their dispute? A fucking tuition bill.

I don’t even understand people…

So, I accidentally opened iPhoto and I saw all the work from the photo shoots I used to hold and I got super nostalgic.

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So, I got creative tonight with like…the tiny amount of food in my house..

Hamburger meat cooked with onion, mushroom, and garlic over chicken flavored rice a roni. I used a small amount of lemon juice, so it tastes like lemon chicken. 

Actually, I would’ve preferred a black bean chipotle veggie burger over beef…it would’ve tasted SO much better, but this is good, filling, and was relative quick. 

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I skipped my first class because I didn’t do the homework.

It wasn’t hard. I just couldn’t make myself do it.

I dunno…

It kind of feels like senioritis, but more blah. Like I don’t give a shit about anything…

I meant to be eating an hour ago, but…my internship kept coming back at me with stuff.


Now I’m eating dinner at nearly 11 PM.


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I don’t think my cousin knows the difference between ‘famous’ and ‘infamous’.

I wanna correct her, but then I’ll be the bad guy -_-

That’s ok. Jesus can be infamous if you want…

…I hope no one else wanted any of these cheesy things because I ate this entire bag.

I feel slightly bad.

Not incredibly bad, though…


these cheddar puff things…

why are they so good…

i need more immediately 

Three more weeks…

Three more weeks…

I don’t know if I can do this crud for three more weeks…

Honestly, my birthday was ok…

I just wish I’d had a cake or something…

Oh well. It’s in the past.

….a cake could’ve lasted like a week though >_>

Know what’d be awesome?

If tumblr catagorized our likes based on who we liked them from or who’s in the like…

Like…’23 likes from CuteCatGifs’ OR ‘500 cat likes’

Either would be great…

Just a thought…

I didn’t do much today, but I didn’t really want too (plus it’s pissing rain out there. Jeebus).

My mother was actually nice to me and my brother….yeah. He was good too. 

Thank you, Koala-muffin for the gifttttttttt.

Thank you to my ‘Mani-muffin who texted at eight in the frickin’ morning. 

Thank you to my Ash-cupcake-muffin because you’re amazing everrrydaay.

Thank you Hammy for the well wishes.

(and Charlie, even though you don’t have tumblr, you could stumble on this one day and I don’t want it to be thought that I didn’t remember you because you know how much I love you)

So, five friends and family. I’m not mad or disappointed

It is what it is. Thank you guys, I love you all.