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peach- the front bottoms






She on beat like a muhhfucka


shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo

i love her positivity and energy so much, i fuck wit this.

This legit made me smile, slé

This deadass how I dance at parties. Bless this white woman.


what is this thing its biting me




Doing the do with you know who

The greatest mystery of all time solved…What Neville forget to remember in that scene.

All of this is important.

I went to sleep before 11pm last night.

What the heck is happening to me >_>


Happy National Dog Day!



Earlier this month, there was a confession on acnlconfessions asking if there were any black ACNL bloggers and that they would like to follow them.

I reblogged the post and triggered it as racist. Shortly after, I got loads of anon hate. I deleted most of it, but I replied to a couple.

I copied and pasted the confession into the blog and changed the word “black” to “white.” Several days later, it was posted. Within 14 hours, many people had angrily replied, saying it was racist, whereas I was the only one to call the other post racist within a week.

This is kind of depressing because I knew it would happen.

I’m going to rant about this again. You shouldn’t follow a blog because of that person’s skin color, you should follow them because you like what they post. For someone to say either one of these things is disgusting. If you think the first post is fine but the second is racist, you clearly have something wrong with you because there is literally no difference other than the words “black” and “white.” If you actually supported equality, you wouldn’t see a difference.

yo bro, just wanna put this out there, the original anon who was lookin for black AC bloggers was probably also a black person who was just looking for other black kids who shared their interest. not racist, because a person like that can actually be hard to find sometimes in a fandom that is, like most other tumblr/internet fandoms, predominantly white (and because you can’t… be racist… against white people… because racism implies that you have the ability to oppress that person for their skin color but yknow). 

asking for white ac blogs is different because it rings of white supremacy. kinda reminds me of my grandma asking for a white taxi driver because she didn’t want to get a cab ride from a black man.

there is more meaning to sentences than just the words you use. the historical and cultural connotations behind your words are just as if not more important. these are false equivalencies, and i’m sick of this “ummm if you replaced ___ with ____ it would be racist!!!!” argument that all you kids use please get a better one.

Bless beardogs. I could not have said this better myself. Shame on OP. Really, shame on you because you do not understand the meaning of the word racism, nor do you understand what it is like to be a person of color.

There is no shortage of white blogs on this site or white run ACNL blogs. However, if you are in a room full of white people and you are black or hispanic or asian, you feel uncomfortable. You feel like the odd man out. It makes sense that that anon was looking for a space in which to feel comfortable and there is nothing wrong with looking for a space where you can feel as though you belong. 

Even if you’re not talking about racial things, it still makes you feel better to know that there is someone around who can understand you on a deeper level. 

That being said, asking for a white only space IS racist. It reads as though you are looking to exclude other groups and at a time where racism against blacks is at an all time high, it is a terrible thing to say. You don’t understand racism, so please don’t throw the word around like you do.

mayorseahorse whispered: I hate it when people say mean things about trans headcanons for villagers. I'm a trans guy and the majority of people who play animal crossing are girls and most of the guys that do play are cis. Having trans headcanons in the game helps me feel less alone.
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